CEO: Mr. Mahyar Moshfegh

Education: Mechanical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, 1988

Professional Experiment:
R&D expert in Pars Khodro, Manager of Production Engineering unit in Khodrosazan, Production Manager in Raf Sazan, Armak CEO from 1993

Armak is consisted of something more than just its organizational chart; it means that we are made of the synergy of several elements like our human and financial resources, knowledge, art and experience. However, the considerable point is that most of these forces and resources are emerged from internal elements of productivity, human resource.
We always try to benefit from knowledge and ability of our workforce in the way of upgrading personal and organizational excellency by flowing of knowledge in a dynamic environment and continuous training. We have a close, kind and constructive relationship and respect ideas and abilities.
Now we have two workshops with Professional personnel. In one of these workshops, traffic structures are constructed and installed in their position and in other one, traffic equipment are provided. In addition, designing, engineering and supportive services are done in our headquarter by our experts.