Traffic Poles

Traffic poles are steel bases which are used to hold suspended signs, traffic lights and fixed signs. Traffic poles are generally divided into 3 categories:

  • Console Poles: console poles are installed at the exit of highways. Their structure consists of a 6-meter octagonal pole and a 6-meter non-prism rectangular arm. The height of the pole and the length of the arm can be increased to suit our needs.

  • Cross Poles: They consist of an octagonal pole and two 6-meter arms at both sides. These poles are mainly installed at the head of islands and the start of path separator (double way)

  • Gate Poles: These types of poles are installed on roadways. They are used 300 to 500 meters before exits or intersections to show the directions and allow drivers to choose an appropriate way. Various types of poles for installing rail or adjustable information signs are currently designed and produced in this company.

  • We have many experiences in constructing different traffic poles and we possess enough capabilities and modern equipment.