Traffic Signs

We design and produce various types of signs in Armak, which are listed below:

Direction Signs (Rail and Simple)
Direction signs are for guiding people to find their way. These signs are divided into suspended and arrow types. Direction signs are installed on posts or the side of the streets. These signs are made of galvanized sheets and Hi Prismatic reflectors are used in them.

Regulatory Signs
Regulatory signs are for making passengers aware of traffic laws and regulations, warning about dangers and informing them about the condition and limits of the way. These panels are divided into urban and road signs. Generally, urban signs are made of mold and covered with electrostatic colors but road panels are made of larger molds and simple galvanized sheets. Reflective sheets used in these signs are Kiwalit or 3M engineer grade with special braces. Legs of regulatory signs are made of 2-inch pipe with antirust cover and dry air color.
Street and Location Name Signs
Street name signs are installed on the alley or street walls and they are made of 2mm-thick sheets. The size of these signs is 80×31cm, they are covered with dark blue electrostatic paint, and their reflective is of engineer grade. Location name signs are usually of arrow type and they are used for the name of special places such as hospitals, drugstores, etc. The size of these kind of signs is 100×40cm.