We are one of the pioneers of pedestrian bridge construction in Iran and we have achieved great experiences in this field. Pedestrian bridges are often suited to allow pedestrians to cross from obstacles like water, railway and traffic roads. Also in some cases these kind of bridges are designed for cyclists, animal traffic and horse riders. Pedestrian bridges should be beautiful works of art and sculpture as they are functional. Therefore, all construction process of bridges should follow detailed engineering calculations and standards to bear enough load based on their function. In Iran these kind of bridges are often built across high traffic streets and roads or in the parks and entertainment places; so they have to be beautiful and artistic enough to make an enjoyable life environment. Based upon many experiences in constructing different steel bridges, now we are known as one of the best steel bridge constructors in Iran and neighbors. Most of the bridges we have built until now are categorized as follow

Simple Pedestrian Bridges (Truss)

Simple truss structures are employed in pedestrian bridges in which the length of the beams are less than 35 meters. Three and six-inch-diameter pipes are used as the floor beams and the posts in these kinds of bridges.

Arch Bridges

An arc bridge is a semicircular structure with abutments at each end. The first stone arc bridges were built by Greeks. Afterwards ancient Romans used mortar to build arc bridges. Nowadays most of these bridges are made of steel. Based on structural strength principals, the arc radius and bridge dimensions should be set in a way that transfer the vertical loads including gravitational and live loads into a compressive force in the direction of arc. Therefore, it is one of the best options to use arc bridges in long spans that we are unable to use middle abutments.

Cable Bridges

Cable bridges have a continuous deck with one or more towers on the piers of the bridge, from which the downward diagonal cables support the bridge deck. The steel cables, used in these bridges, have to be very strong and flexible. In case of light and narrow structure of this kind of bridges, they are more economical than other kinds. In addition, cable bridges make it available to bridge between long distances. However, connectors, towers, supporting beams and cables are very complicated structures and require accurate construction methods.
It is worth noting that our abilities do not limit to just these kinds of bridges, but considering the fact that creativity and innovation are the main features of Armak, we can build different kinds of pedestrian bridges proportional to the status of bridge position.