Quality is the highest priority in Armak. In both parts of traffic industry, i.e. structures and equipment, quality is of vital importance and any negligence may affect the life of humans. Therefore, we set its priority at the first level and check all products strictly.
Traffic structures quality has two separate dimensions. The first one refers to engineering and structural dimension bridges, shelters, poles etc. We design these structures under the highest standards and by exact engineering calculations; then experienced specialists construct and install them at their position. Our quality control team supervises all the process of construction and installation of these structures and used materials to make sure of implementing all standards.

The second dimension refers to architectural and aesthetic quality of structure. Along with structural quality and client’s requirements, we do our best to deliver innovative and elegant projects. We are aware of the effect of beauty in human life and consider it as a value and social responsibility. Therefore, we try to match the most beautiful constructions to their position and usage. Quality in traffic equipment is of paramount importance too. Some traffic equipment like signs involve human life and somehow their quality guarantees safety of life. For example, the most important feature of signs is the quality of their reflective and we provide the highest quality ones from the best manufacturers i.e. 3M and Kiwalit.


Due to the fact that the environment belongs to all residents of the earth, protection of it is our mutual responsibility. Following such beliefs, we try to enhance our performance beyond current standards and regulations.
In this way, we plan to minimize our negative effects on the environment and have positive ones instead by effective process management. This aim is not available without the cooperation of committed partners. Therefore, we try to work with responsible and committed partners in all our supply chain from suppliers to customers.
We protect all metals and materials, which we use in our projects, from corrosion by correct insulation based on the position of structure. It causes financial saving along with environmental effects.